Incarnem dans Harper's Bazaar

Incarnem in Harper's Bazaar

Incarnem in Harper's Bazaar

Feet, chests and hands: the discourse of the body permeates fashion:

In recent months, she has also launched Incarnem , her jewelry brand largely dedicated to body casts. An obsession linked, beyond aesthetic research, to the creative process: “Moulding is a very intimate moment. People sometimes want to make an ode to their body, others have me mold parts that they don’t like and that they want to reclaim.” she says. Through this mechanism which reveals the skin, each person leaves their mark, sets up their individuality as an ornament and presents it to the world . Made to measure, her jewelry could not be more personal, but Marine Billet is not surprised to see this aesthetic fad spreading: “In general, we had forgotten our body, and the representation of the body is linked to this question of self-reappropriation, more broadly of the positive body. I see it as proof that everyone wants to love each other” observes the artist.

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