Her favorite technique is lost wax casting and casting, an ancestral technique in the world of jewelry and sculpture. This process makes it possible to keep a perfect imprint of an object and transpose it into metal, thus making it eternal. The prints that Marine has been stealing and collecting for years celebrate the beauty and poetry of vulnerability and transience. These are the traces of the passage of time that it freezes forever in your jewelry, a unique piece, which above all tells your story. A unique piece of jewelry that will follow you throughout your life.

Lost wax casting

Replicas of the body identically these jewels come to rest naturally on our epidermis.

Step 1

Choice of subject and impression taking, in situ or remotely with the molding silicone (approximately 20 minutes of setting time)

2nd step

A wax is poured into the mold, it is retouched in order to have its perfect and final shape.

Step 3

Cast at my Parisian foundry, choice of metal (18 carat gold, 925 silver, etc.)

Step 4

Resumption of casting, cleaning and finishing of your jewelry (satin, mirror polished, etc.).

Gilding can be applied on request.

Step 5

Delivery of your jewelry in its most beautiful setting.


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