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Sculptural Jewelery

Carnal drippings

Each piece in this unique collection is an artistic fusion of the ephemeral and the eternal, capturing the precise moment when the wax, like a dance, found its balance before congealing into the metal. The result is a collection of jewelry that seems to be in perpetual fusion, an echo of the moment when the ephemeral becomes eternal.

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Second skins

Each piece of jewelry in the “Secondes Peaux” collection is an intimate work of art, fashioned from casts of body parts. These castings capture the personal essence of each individual, creating jewelry that celebrates diversity and uniqueness. Each piece of jewelry becomes an extension of oneself, a second skin that tells an intimate story.

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Selected pieces from Paris

Discover the very essence of the City of Lights through the “Morceaux Choisis de Paris” collection. Each piece of jewelry, crafted in gilded bronze or solid silver, is a vibrant testimony to the iconic architecture of Paris, immortalizing unique details. Each piece becomes a wearable modern relic, capturing the essence of Paris.

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