I am particularly sensitive to the idea of ​​creating custom jewelry, because it allows me to discuss with you, to understand your expectations in depth, but also to create lasting jewelry, because it will have been designed with meaning and a history.

It's a real pleasure to succeed in bringing to life the project you had in mind, whether for yourself or for a gift. Jewelry accompanies every moment of your life, and I am here to support you in their making.

Once we have made contact, I will send you a personalized quote, adapted to your budget. We will discuss together all the elements of your future project: type of jewelry, type of metal, stones or not, type of finish... Once the quote has been validated, a deposit will be requested and manufacturing can begin.

Don't hesitate if you have old precious jewelry sleeping in your drawers, it is always possible to give them a second life.

Lost wax casting

Identical replicas of the body, these jewels sit naturally on our skin.


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